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Devon Tuk Tuks

Reinvent your event!

Looking for a quirky and fun yet environmentally friendly transport option for your event? Want to make your event the most memorable occasion of the year for guests of all ages? Devon Tuk Tuks have the answer.

All Bases Covered

From transporting bands, equipment and campers at festivals to film appearances, sporting and cultural days our Mahindra three-seater electric tuk-tuk has attended a diverse range of events. We offer a sturdy, versatile and sustainable option on all terrains, including grassy areas, rough tracks and wet ground.

Fun and Sustainable

The manoeuvrability of the tuk-tuk makes it ideal for navigating around festival grounds and crowds.

It is also low to the ground and very spacious meaning it is a fantastic, fun option for people with accessibility issues to help them at events on large premises. The vehicle can even be decorated to match the theme of your festival or event for extra attention.

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Show your guests how much you care about the environment and their accessibility to your event. Want to create an unforgettable day, don’t delay enquire right away!

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